Weekly Dating Dope

Don’t make the hasty assumption that because someone is on a dating web site that they actually want to meet, much less date.  The online dating world is littered with lonely souls, married men and fakes who, if not nip in the bud, will keep you in a perpetual spin cycle of e-mails.  If they can’t meet, or at the very least talk, after 3 or 4 e-mails, cut and run.

4 responses to “Weekly Dating Dope

  1. I used to think that if someone was on a paying site they would be more willing to meet. Nope, people throw away their money.


  2. That is true in many cases. But not in all. I meet my “Extremely Shy” boyfriend on OK Cupid and we emailed (off the site) for two months before meeting. He needed to feel comfortable before meeting me. The reason I hung in there was my gut and his emails were so authentic. At one point of discouragement I started emailing other guys and saw how artificial those emails were. I am glad I hung in there because he is a good catch!


  3. Two months? You have much more patience that I do. But pointed noted.


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