Ethical Dilemma

Is it morally wrong for a non-Jew to eat off the kosher food table?

Situation backgrounder: I’m at a reception honoring hospital volunteers. More than 3,000 Good Samaritans are packed into a trendy Midtown restaurant and the food line is way out the door. But, there’s no line for the Kosher food and banquet table is overflowing with mouth-watering appetizers and it isn’t Gefilte fish.  There’s this moment when I think: “Dare I….”

Blond hair and blue eyes, I realize that to New Yorkers my looks scream Midwest yahoo. To them I’m nothing more than Elly May Clampett in a suit, which can work in my favor. If one of the hospital’s surgeons or oncologists floating through he crowd questions me, I’ll do an Elizabeth Taylor and claim I converted to Judaism for love. Freedom of religion.  Who dare challenge me?

But Catholic guilt gets me every time. I leave on an empty stomach.

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