Public Service Announcement: A Dollar For Your Laughs

Several months ago I made an attempt at doing stand up comedy.

Tango with a repressed, bitter Catholic nun is nothing compared to the fear factor associated with trying to make a room full of strangers.  It’s straight up S&M.

I survived the experienced with a newfound appreciation for comics, and especially one circulating the scene: Suzette Simon.

In 2007, Suzette launched New York Laughs as a way to make comedy accessible to ALL New Yorkers.  For six Sundays in the summer, Suzette and her bevy of comedians do free Shows in various city parks.

The shows are wonderful and a testament of what makes New York City such a great city.  It’s comedy in the purest form set on an urban stage.

Though the shows are free, operation expenses are not.  So, in my awkward way, I’m asking that consider making a donation to NY Laugh’s via their kickstarter fundraising program.  You have up until May 6 to Donate

Better yet, attend their fundraiser on Sunday, May 5th at Gotham Comedy Club.  Jimmy Failla and Jane Condon are part of the line up, so it’s guaranteed fun.

Hope to see you at the show!

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