Where’s Bill W. When You Need Him?

I know binge drinkers who after being “good” and sober all week explode on Friday and spend the next 48 hours in a self-indulged alcohol-fest.

I’m like that.  About knitting.  And if they had 12-step program just for knitters, I’d no doubt have to join.

To understand this mad addiction is to observe my uncontrollable behavior in Purl knit store is SoHo.  The mere sight of their colorful floor-to-ceiling yarn display and I become like an alcoholic at the corner bar.  I can stand there for hours touching, feeling and “drinking in” all those beautiful, lush yarns.  And though my yarn of choice is Baby Alpaca, like most addicts, I have no problem knitting with the cheap stuff.

It’s Friday, so Lord grant me the serenity to not enter Purl yarn shop in SoHo and except the yarns I cannot afford …

5 responses to “Where’s Bill W. When You Need Him?

  1. Just work the Program and the Program works! These anonymous recovery groups just love their slogans. Don’t know if there is a group for knitters, though. If there was one, you would know if a member fell off the wagon if they came in wearing a new hand-made wool sweater! 😉


  2. Oh I’m a “knittyaddict” myself. Love the cashmere yarns (but can only do scarves … to expensive for sweaters) and I don’t have a problem with the cheap stuff either! 🙂


  3. Knitting! oh you vicious woman!


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