I’ve Seen The Light: The Best Gift Ever

A flashlight and a battery operated radio.

When a well-meaning friend gave me both as gifts a few years back, I was incensed.  It reminded of the time in college when a girlfriend’s farmer father showed up at school with a basket of tools for her.  (Exactly what every young co-ed needs to survive dorm life.)  I immediately deemed my friend’s gifts as “dumb” and something only a man would do, and tossed both in a drawer.

Three days post Hurricane Sandy I’m still without what I consider are the essentials: phone, electric, Internet, heat and pizza delivery.  And, I’m now cursing the kind-hearted guy because he forgot to include batteries.

One response to “I’ve Seen The Light: The Best Gift Ever

  1. Totally understand! Every storm I keep saying I plan to buy one of those lanterns and battery packs for my emergencies so I can stop scouring the drawers for old flashlights with worn out batteries but I don’t. Similar experiences from Hurricane Sandy here in Connecticut but not as widespread as New York and New Jersey and I am grateful that my power came back yesterday. Hopeful yours returns soon as well!


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