Where Would Mitt and Obama Be Today If It Wasn’t For Ohio?

Most New Yorkers have never been — nor the desire — farther west than “Jorsey,” so as a whole are pretty geographically illiterate.

“You’re from Iowa, right?”  friends of may years have been known to ask.

Ohio, Iowa.  To them, it’s the same thing.  That vast territory stretching between the George Washington and the Golden Gate Bridge might as well as be marshmallow, and I Elly May Clampbett.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to counter the put downs with my own form of high-handedness.  Politely, of course.  I’m from the Midwest, after all.

“Betcha can’t name the five states that border Ohio,” I once shot back at a friend taking swipes at my home state.  Fond of bragging that she has two master’s degrees – from NYU, of course – she answered Illinois and Missouri.

With November 6th fastly approaching, I revel in the attention the Buckeye State receives, and am quick to remind snarky New Yorkers that no Republican has become president without winning Ohio.

“If Ohio wasn’t so important, why are the pols spending so much time there?” I like to remind New York “sophisticates.”

Post election, when Ohio is tossed aside and once again ignored, it will still be home to the Wright Brothers and the rubber capital of the world. So take that New York!

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