12 Weddings And A Bridge

Something old.  Something new.  Something borrowed and a bridge or two?

Here in NYC THE place for wedding photos is a stretch along the Brooklyn waterfront known as DUMBO (i.e., Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  It’s the perfect mix of old, abandoned buildings, well-landscaped parks, and Manhattan Skyline, so when photographed juxtaposed next to yards of white taffeta screams urban wedding.

This past Saturday Savannah and I spotted 12 brides prancing through the area, making for a circus-like atmosphere and great entertainment for a mom on a tight budget.  Favorite acts include the Russian bride who made her shy groom ride the merry-go-round, the young Mexican woman who, in a departure from tradition, wore purple, and the gal who tight roped cobblestone streets in 6-inch, red heels. Note to groom: don’t get your hopes up.

Crowds were such that in a Sharks vs. Jet moment a bevy of New York sophisticates clad in tight black cocktail dress leaving an abandoned building nearly collided with a Bay Ridge group encased like sausage in purple satin.  The sophisticates snarled at the purple haze folks like bad meat.

This is NYC, after all.  So, bums continue to drink and bicycle delivery guys plow through the streets.  I am certain that many of brides will return from their Hawaiian honeymoons to find countless photos of  “that 7-year-old” with her scooter.

Unfortunately, I’ll never know if Savannah made the bride’s cut.  More so, if the photographer managed to capture the bored look of the groomsmen or the bride’s determination to look beautiful next to a decayed building.

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