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Katie Wants You!

What’s your biggest relationship pet peeve? Katie Couric can help you get the answers you need. 

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Wordless Wednesday

West Village

How I Learned To Throw My “Mommy Weight”

It was like watching someone be tortured.

A grunting Chinese doctor clawed at my 5-week-old’s arm with a needle with the focused intensity of a grizzly picking at a carcass, as a young nurse fought to hold her down.

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Wordless Wednesday

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Reaching A Happy Medium: Tales Of A Tarot Card Reader

For those insecurities that can’t be fixed with Freud, I head to Frannie, a spunky, 5′ foot, Brit tarot card reader tucked in a rent controlled building over by the UN.

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Wordless Wednesday

Greenwich Village

The Medical Form and The Principal

In a replay of my Catholic boarding school days, I was pulled into the principal’s office at Savannah’s school on Friday.  Not mincing words, the principal dead-eyed me and said, “Quite frankly, given your daughter’s medical condition, I’m shocked you’re not more on top of it.”

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