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Wordless Wednesday


She Can Ride A Scooter: Another Reason To Be Grateful

The doctor was void of any bedside manner.  After three months of endless tests and procedures, she decided to inform me that my daughter has a rare medical condition, not in the preferable comforts of her scholarly office, but restaurant-break-up-style: in a dirty, crowded hallway, with scores of residents, nurses and lab technicians milling about.

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Wordless Wednesday

Midtown Manhattan

Sister Wives: A Bad Addiction

From my perch in Manhattan I’ve become mesmerized with the Browns, the polygamist family on the TLC show “Sister Wives.”

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Wordless Wednesday

The Cloisters

Never A Player

Someone once referred to my dating style as that of a female player. Funny, when I reflect on my dating history, I feel more like roadkill.

Parenting: The One Job That Can’t Be Outsource

There are certain aspects of parenting I wish could be outsourced, starting with bedtime rituals and morning routine.  Dare I say “put your shoes on” or “brush your teeth” one more time.