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Wordless Wednesday

West Village

Pillow Talk

One measurement of good sex is the depth and quality of the pillow talk.

A List Celebrities & Hotel Suites

What is this compulsion among A-list celebrities to destroy luxury hotel suites?  And why only New in York?

My most destructive act while on the road was to stiff the hotel maid at a Motel 6 outside Orlando, which could probably been prevented is they offered Continental breakfast.

Cats & Dogs

When you reach the point where you’re holding birthday parties in Central Park for your poodle, it’s time to consider getting a cat.

Eloise & Savannah: Party At The Plaza Hotel

I am probably the only person in the world who never fancied Eloise.  Maybe it’s the mommy factor.  I’ve always been bothered by the way she was dumped at The Plaza Hotel, along with her nanny, while her mom lived the good life in Paris, though admittedly it’s a parenting strategy I’ve contemplated.

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Reille Hunter

Was Reille Hunter given diplomatic immunity and I just not aware?

Wordless Wednesday

Meat Packing District