Linda Evangelista: My Family Court Soul Sister

I never thought I’d have something in common with a supermodel.  Yet Linda Evangelista’s battle in Manhattan Family Court, despite income and lifestyle disparities, has the same markings as mine.  We have the same Support Magistrate (e.g. Paul Ryneski) and both have baby-daddies who believe children, like air, come free.

“That’s wonderful he’s so involved!” people gush when they see the ex with Savannah.  Indeed, he’s a doting father, but he bullied me for years on finances until I, like Linda Evangelista, filed a petition for support.

As a survivor of custody and child support battles, I have news for Linda Evangelista.  Manhattan Family Court moves as slow as molasses, and cynicism is the mood du jour.  She should forget wearing designer duds for court appearances.  The defendants and plaintiffs in Family Court resemble the 3rd class passengers on the Titanic, the standard attire being jeans and flip flops.  Also, she can expect to witness some doozy screaming matches in the halls.

Last time I went to court I represented myself.  Scary, I know.  But by then my relationship with my attorney had been downgraded to e-mails after a vent in which I “emphatically remarked” “How in the f—- am I to live on that?” in response to the decision on my case.  Not advised.

My legal strategy, which is cringe worthy, was to make steady eye contact with Paul Ryneski when my ex tried to explain his finances, as to say: “Come on, you don’t really believe on his salary he can afford an apartment, house and car?”

It worked.  Somewhat.  My child support was increased by a whopping $20 a week.

So, when I read that Linda Evangelista’s wants a staggering $46,000 a month for such ludicrous things as security, I applauded.  The issue isn’t the sum, but that there’s another man trying to abscond from paying support.  And, as I know, even stellar eye contact will only get you a few more dollars at best

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