Boys Will Be Boys, And Secret Service Will Be….

Hookers.  Coke.  A little tequila.  Not all that new.

Remind me again why I should be shocked that a bunch of rowdy, testosterone-fueled Secret Service guys went loco in Columbia?

Even the ancient resort town of Pompeii was well stocked with vino and ladies of the night.  The local brothel, using a primitive version of “word of mouth marketing,” had carvings on the wall depicting various sexual acts, much like those now popular Idiot Guide books.  If you could point, you could get laid.

I saw those pictures firsthand.  That and the rip off tour guides are my memories from a backpacking trip several years back. Figures.

So what made the Secret Service’s behavior cringe-worthy to me is not what they did inasmuch, but to whom — a single mom.  I felt that one.

Their obnoxious behavior explains the anti-American sentiment I’ve encountered while traveling abroad, and those uncomfortable questions from locals about George Bush.  If there’s any benefit to my never mastering a second language, I suppose, is I couldn’t answer any questions regarding U.S. foreign policy.   But neither can  our policy makers.

If there is a takeaway from the Columbia disaster, it’s this: hookers get the money upfront, a lesson that’s applicable to a lot of situations.  And, Secret Service men,  choose your escorts wisely.

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