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Wordless Wednesday

Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island

A Burka’s Selling Points

Not that I’m pro-Burka, but I could see how on a bad hair day or after a Reese’s peanut butter cup binge it would have its advantages.

The Devil Wears Prada Lives On

I’ve been up close and personal with some real life devils wearing Prada.

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Wordless Wednesday

Battery Park

The Benefits Of Hooking Up With An Intern

If you’re a good-looking guy with White House aspirations, my guess is sex is a dial away.  So, John Edwards’ mistake isn’t that he had an affair, but with whom. The safer bet would have been the low paying, Ivy league interns gunning for a job on The Hill and for whom getting knocked up is career suicide.

That Kennedy Mystique

Remind me never to marry a Kennedy.  Ever.

I Need A Bunny Mellon

Going into hiding for a year doesn’t sound all that bad, especially if means stays at ritzy hotels and first class travel.  Makes me wish I had a Bunny Mellon.