New Dating Policy

I was just about to put on my lipstick and leave the office when my date called last night and cancelled.  It was 15 minutes before we were to meet and after a week of endless e-mails discussing time and place.  He offered no excuse.

Canceling a date with a pre-menopausal single mom on her one free week night is risky. At the last minute, outright dangerous.  Fortunately for the guy they don’t allow weapons at the office.

This is not the first time it happened to me and I doubt the last, which is why there needs to be a dating law similar to the policy therapists have about appointments.  If you don’t cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you’re required to pay.  That will teach ’em.

10 responses to “New Dating Policy

  1. Hey! I love your fresh and funny outlook. Check out my blog exwifenewlife. We are the same but different!


  2. wow — if it makes you feel any better, women do this all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been left holding the bag on bought theater tix. How did he get off with no excuse?Just left a message?


  3. It was odd. I picked up the phone and he was like: “I have to cancel.” He didn’t offer any excuse about being “slammed at work” or “feeling a cold come on.” I’m not going to force anyone to go on a date with me, so didn’t ask. Still, it was one of those situations were there were countless, unnecessary e-mails arranging the date, which explains my frustration.


  4. I once forced a great, made up excuse outta a woman when after she said “I have to cancel” (3 hours before our dinner date — I had made dinner — I had bought all the food — fresh ahi tuna, the salad bowl was on my table)….I said, “Are you sick?”…”No…” and then I said, “Is there anything you want to say instead of all this awkward silence?” AND then she said, “I’m exclusive with someone else.” (mind you — I just slept with her 3 days before). I said, “I wish you told me before I BOUGHT ALL THIS TUNA.” (she knew I was buying raw tuna to sear)


  5. I just like to make someone squirm in that last moment I have with them


  6. Not a bad idea. How would you collect, though? Escrow? Or something like that insurance policy that was in the Times the other day, where you could get back the $ spent on a wedding gift if the couple divorced within a year?


  7. I like this policy! I’ve had it happen several times to me as well. It’s like, they just don’t know the value of a kid-free night during the week. We should definitely make them pay! I like the above mentioned PayPal cancellations account idea, myself!!


  8. I Love this idea!!! Except– what do you do with the man that you’ve been dating for a while that paid for NOTHING, accepted cash in his pocket when he left for a job orientation… and then broke up with you via text a few days later?? Do you save receipts? Count him as a tax deduction the following year since he lived with you for a portion of said year? Hmm.. I think there just might be some merit to this idea here… 🙂

    Thanks for the follow! Can’t wait to


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