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Wordless Wednesday


Empire State Building

Thank God For Friday and Other Stuff

What I like about the holidays is simple: seeing old friends and family, and receiving Christmas cards, especially if they include photos of one’s kids.  What I deplore is the commercialization and excessive, out-of-control behavior it produces.

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Is It The Fruit Cake or The AmEx Bill?

I read in the newspaper the other day that a hospital in Chicago had three heart attacks in the ER in one night.  I wasn’t surprised.  Data shows that more heart attacks happen on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve than any two nights of the year.  And while doctors aren’t really sure why this is so, they cite excessive eating and drinking, and possibly cold weather.

My uneducated guess?  AmEx bills.  That will make one drop to the floor.

And, let’s not forget family dynamics.  Surely there must be a study or data somewhere that shows the effects of sitting at a table for two hours with a bitchy, know-it-all mother-in-law or obnoxious brother.


Wordless Wednesday


Santa’s On His Way, So You Better….

There’s nothing like a pending visit from Santa to keep a kid in line.

Vitabath Holiday Bliss Fragrances Make a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

I prefer appetizers to actual meals, often finding them tastier and more fulling, which is why I love stocking stuffers.  Those little gifts hidden at the bottom of the Christmas stocking are full of surprises.

With their delectable fragrances and luxurious feel, Vitabath’s set of body wash and lotion pack the same punch as appetizers, making for fabulous stocking suffers for teens, moms and even grandma.

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Thank God For Friday and Other Stuff

I can empathize with the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

At the back of my neck sits a mountain of a knot, only unlike Hunch, mine isn’t a birth defect but job-related stress.

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