The Kid Who Can’t Keep Secrets

I often wonder why anyone would waste money on a p.r. person when a 9-year-old will spread the word for free. As I often tell my daughter, you’ll never make it in the mob.

A Blogger Salute for Valerie Riviello

Kudos to Valerie Riviello for having the courage to expose the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center’s for its inhuman treatment of vets.  With one swift act of defiance, the New York nurse showed that a medical degree is useless if not backed with empathy and compassion.  (See New York Post)

It’s time she write a book and go on “60 Minutes.”

Sunday’s Saying

“We are called upon to do small things with great love.”  Mother Theresa

Thank God For Friday And Other Stuff

When the babysitter complained that the people at Savannah’s church camp “are really into that whole God-thing,” and then scrunched her face in disgust, I had to fight to keep my sarcasm in check.

“Quelle horror!” I wanted to say.

The church camp is in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, right off Wall Street and a stone’s throw from the New York Stock Exchange, so I found it ironic this was her concern.

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Lost And Never Found

As God as my witness, someday I’ll find those books, pencils and erasers that habitually disappear minutes before doing homework.


Wordless Wednesday


Sunday’s Saying

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”  Napoleon Hill