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A Family Christmas Tradition

Just about this time every year my daughter likes to remind me of the day I set the gingerbread house on fire.

I still think I should get credit for not taking the couch, chairs and table with it.

What Happens When Your Child Can’t Follow The Routine?

Eight little girls dressed like jungle cats take the stage for the after school performance of the Nutcracker. A combo of hip hop, jazz and modern dance numbers set to top 40 hits, the show bears no resemblance to the New York City ballet version.

A chubby little girl in the back row keeps her eyes fixed on the dancer to her right. She is seconds behind in every move. When the dancers move left, she moves right. When they jump, she kicks. When they stop, she twirls. That girl is Savannah.

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Hold The Tears: Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll Is Back In Stock

Listen up parents, grandparents, aunts and wanna-be Santas.  The most–searched toy on this Christmas season is back in stock.

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ADHD Diagnosis: Life Interrupted Again

With her tight bun and black oversized glasses the woman behind the desk seemed more like a librarian than psychologist. She was prim and proper in every detail, sitting ramrod straight as she leafed through the thick white report and cherry picked which psychological tests results to share. After 10 minutes of hearing “not on task” and “I had to repeat the question several times,” I stopped her

“Are you saying my daughter has ADHD or simply trouble with attention?” I asked.

“She has ADHD,” she deadpanned.

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Got Milk? Three Holiday Cookies To Dunk For

MMS only: Walmart 2014 Holiday Food Preview MMS only: Walmart 2014 Holiday Food Preview





These delicious cookies make holiday baking are the more fun.  Whether for Santa or the family holiday party, kids will love assembling thing edible reindeers and snowmen as much as they’ll enjoy eating them.  All ingredients can be purchased at Walmart.

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I’m No Teri Shields (I Think)

When Brooke Shields made the media rounds to promote her new book “There Was A Little Girl,” I was compelled to listen.  Celebrity tell-all’s are irresistible as is, but one about being raised by a single mom hit a personal bulls eye.

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Precious Moments

Priceless is such moments as today when I overheard my 9-year-old say while checking out a loose tooth in the bathroom mirror, “I wonder what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth?”