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I’m No Teri Shields (I Think)

Celebrity tell-all’s are irresistible as is, but one about being raised by a single mom hit a personal bulls eye. When Brooke Shields made the media rounds to promote her new book “There Was A Little Girl,” I immediately globbed onto all those juicy sound bites.

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Precious Moments

Priceless is such moments as today when I overheard my 9-year-old say while checking out a loose tooth in the bathroom mirror, “I wonder what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth?”

So soon?

The principal recently had to make a visit to my daughter’s class to tell the kids that they’re too young to start dating.

When I heard the news all I could think is mine is a child who still believes that anytime she loses a tooth a magical fairy slips sneaks into our apartment and slips money under her pillow.

Here’s To The Ghost Costume

Throwing down a wad of dough on a Halloween costume that will be worn three or four hours at best makes me long for the days when one could go trick or treating wearing an old bed sheet.

How To Beat Boredom

Whenever my daughter complains she is bored and has nothing to do, my retort is to suggest she pretend play “Pilgrims.”  Suddenly the modern world doesn’t seem so drab after all

Camp Check-In: Tears And Lots Of Questions

A clipboard-carrying heavyset woman is working the clusters of parents waiting at the camp’s check-in like a politician at a 4th of July picnic. As I sit in the midday sun watching her pat backs and throw bear hugs, I pray she doesn’t come my way.

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Thursday’s Tip: Walmart Makes The Grade With Its Back-To-School Clothes & Supplies

Those dreaded back-to-school shopping lists.

To avoid lines, I try to do all my back-to-school shopping online, which is why I love places like Walmart.  The megastore makes back-to-school shopping a breeze by offering incredible savings for customers however they like to shop – in stores, online and through their mobile devices.

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