For This Dog’s Life, Keep It Simple Please

A girlfriend once described her husband as being like the family’s pet.  “Oh, he’s like the dog.  Just throw him in the car and he’s happy to ride along,” she quipped.

My friend actually has an excellent marriage, but like many couples, she’s oversees their social calendar and her husband merrily follows along.

As a single mom running on all cylinders, I so get the husband.  The good-natured guy is diplomatically trying to offset unnecessary discussion and adding to his to-do list.  His attitude, as mine, is “Let’s keep it simple, please.”

Having a man’s head on woman’s body, I’ve found, is deadly on the mommy circuit where great pleasure is derived from discussing and dissecting the school bake sale and summer camp.

When Savannah’s nursery school was planning the class “graduation party,” e-mails flew for months discussing the virtues of California Pizza Kitchen vs. the neighborhood pizza joint.  I outed myself as an imposter when exhausted and on a business trip at the time, I fired via e-mail:  “Just tell me what I need to do.  Meanwhile, I left a check for the agreed amount of front desk.”  Ouch.

I work in media so am inundated with e-mails and news clips all day.  When I spot another long, drawn out e-mail discussing the teacher’s Christmas gift in my crowded inbox, I want to say what many television producers have barked at me: “On deadline!  Bottom line it for me.” In other words, keep it simple, please.

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2 responses to “For This Dog’s Life, Keep It Simple Please

  1. I also say I have a men’s brain, and yes it does mess up the playground talk.

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