Monthly Archives: March 2012

Try Solving This John Walsh

I would like John Walsh, with all his insight on abnormal behavior and finding missing people, to try and explain this:

I’ll have an amazing, over-the-top first date with someone. So much so, my newly suggested boyfriend blurts out with intense enthusiasm “Wow, I can’t believe someone like you is single!” And then proceeds to invite me to his weekend home or make summer vacation plans for the two of us.

Feeling euphoric, we proceed to a second date. Then, somewhere between that flurry of calls to schedule the first date and the second date make out session, the guy vanishes into the Witness Protection Program. Gone. Never to be heard from again.

Then, months later, when all is forgotten, I get a LinkedIn or Facebook message. Some send iChat requests or, even stranger, call. One fellow sent me an e-mail wishing me happy birthday two consecutive years and we never even kissed!

And one wonders why I’m still single.